We have updated the Lore page with another Tablet today. Please understand that these tablets are just there to provide an alternate way of thinking about life, death and ultimately help navigate you through your own surroundings.

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Read them in any order you wish to. All writing is set to feel allegorical and will make sense to you at the time it needs to. Much of this writing is an extension on the Eastern philosophies of Taoism with some small influences from alternate various religious texts and even some scientific approaches.

Our hope is that people of our generation can find inner peace and comfort in knowing that they are not alone in this world and that all of us experience very similar trials and tribulations through-out our existence. We all must go through hard times and learn about the same lessons.

The final message which I will leave everyone with is to just slow down. Take time to educate yourself about your situation and give yourself time to find out about the person you want to become. Change is possible it just takes time and careful effortless application.

Embrace silence from the world, your work and relationships. Become silent yourself with what you say and having your mind recklessly control you. Practice stillness and meditation. There is too much noise in the world today and our minds have exploded with the advancement of technology.

Life is a game, lets level up together.