Tablet of Life

Become content not with things
Not with others
Not with status
Only with who you are and what you already have

Energy resonates from breathing
Breathing resonates from gentle movement
Gentle Movement resonates from relaxing of the mind
All things combined you can create harmony inside yourself

Nature, it was not made by you
Where did it come from
Why is it here
No, we are not talking about you

What if nature was a being
A being curious about you
Could it also contain energy
What does that feel like

If the patterns of nature
Applied to the patterns of humans
What could be learned of it
Where would I fit in

What other things come from nature
Food, the Sun, the Water, the Air
What does it mean to absorb energy from nature
Why am I always taking from and never giving back

Sit still with your mind
Learn about nothing
What does inner peace feel like
Why does everything seem so co-incidental

All of the questions
Do they all have answers
Do they all need answers
Where should I begin

You know what you need to know
At the time you are supposed to know it
So why be concerned with the unknown
Everything happens for a reason and in order

Surrender to the universe
Take care of nature
No need to go out of your way
Notice how it reaches out to you

When you realise nothing matters
When you lose yourself completely
When you aid both humans and nature as self
You can become like the vessel of light

The vessel of light that reaches out to all things
It shines a reflection back upon the world
It allows for everything to happen as it should
It brings all color and all form back to life again