Return of a Favourite

The Loque is back with improvements

Red is for Fast

An all new speedy surface with a silky smooth feel

Find the right balance

Control and speed combined in a mint green colorway


MANTA - A new Standard

The Manta boasts a meticulously chosen polyester surface, subjected to rigorous testing to deliver an exceptional blend of speed and precision. Complemented by the polyurethane base, a cornerstone of our design, it elevates the overall quality with its durability and stability.

To elevate the gaming experience, we've implemented improved stitching, introducing a touch of sophistication while maintaining subtlety and recess. This prevents interference with the mouse's glide, ensuring smooth and uninterrupted movements. The Manta just got bigger with a new 49x42 cm size, giving you more space to take your gaming to the next level.

The Manta arrives in 100% recyclable flat packaging, underscoring our commitment to a seamless unboxing experience. This not only ensures that your Manta is ready to use straight out of the package.

Back to black, providing a sleek and timeless aesthetic. The non-intrusive Printed White Stencil Logo seamlessly integrates into Manta's surface, adding a distinctive touch without altering the texture.