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  • Cordura Surface

    Cordura is a well known texture used in the mouse pad industry for it's toughness, speed and stopping power.

  • Stitched Optional

    Some gamers are more comfortable playing at the edge of their mouse pad. Enjoy a non-stitched version.

  • Lasting Consistency

    Cordura brings strength and durability to a surface. The Loque is designed to stay consistent for longer.

  • 10 Year Replacement Warranty

    Offering 10 year replacement warranty. Terms and conditions on the products page.

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It's a little different

For the Loque we've gone for something that feels almost completely opposite to the Kamek.

Loque is gritty and fast while still maintaining a good balance of stopping power.

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~ Loque

"Flow like water. Reflect like a mirror. Respond like an echo"