Tablet of Death

One hidden truth laying in plain sight
A soul can never be destroyed
Once you understand this
Everything looks so different

All those gone before you
Not really gone, not really before either
You see that now
They return to where they came

Nature takes complete care of itself
Repetitive cycles of growing and dying
One generation feeds into the next
Become the light of the way

We are all one organism
Our minds and teachings
Live on through people
Our withdrawal manifests lasting change

Life is not true life
We are simply living a trial
Only being prepared
Prepared for what comes next

It's not what people will say
It's about what the heavens will know
Live your life accordingly
Everything will workout in the end

Like a baby in the womb
We have everything we need
We know not of what comes next
Until it happens

Do not go towards the the light
Or you will never escape this world
Your action is away from it
Only then you can re-join your family in the stars

When the times comes
You will feel ready
You will know the truth
And what to do next