Logitech G Pro x Superlight Slides

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 This product can only be used with the Logitech G Pro x Superlight Slides.

Thickness: 0.8mm


Experience the ultimate in precision, control, and speed with our high-quality aftermarket replacement mouse feet - the perfect solution for serious gamers. Made with 100% virgin grade PTFE material, our product offers the lowest friction possible, resulting in a smooth and effortless glide. Our rounded edges ensure a scratch-free glide across any surface, providing unmatched precision and control.

With our specially formulated adhesive, installation and replacement are simple and hassle-free, leaving no residue behind. Our product is compatible with a wide range of gaming mice, including popular models from Logitech, Razer, and more. Spyre Slides are the ideal upgrade for any gaming setup. Whether you're a professional or casual gamer, our slides will take your game to the next level.