10 year replacement warranty, do you actually expect your product to last 10 years?

The product is high quality made though the warranty doesn't come from a confidence in the durability (as this is a new product and that is yet to be truly tested). I would say confidence in the agreement to continue replacing the pad when the customer has worn through the pad. It's more of a promise of service than a stapling this cloth pad will last forever. We may also one day stop making this specific product. This way we can promise the owners of the pad will still be able to continue obtaining them after it's discontinued sale.


What can you compare the feeling of the surface to?

Feedback suggests that it sits somewhere in-between the Steel Series Qck+ and the Zowie GSR. It's definitely leaning more towards a control pad over speed but it's got a very unique feeling especially for your mouse that you will have never felt before which feels quick (Initial take-off resistance). If you're familiar with the Artisan range than it is close to the Zero mid just a little faster.


Are you planning to do an XXL or Extended size Pad?

If the Kamek is successful then different colours and sizes will both be on the horizon for the next product. Founder Mickzerofive personally uses two mouse pads, an extended one that goes under his left arm and keyboard. We will be highly interested to replace that later down the track with a Spyre version.


Will you do other colours and if so what colour?

If the Kamek is successful then different colours and sizes will both be on the horizon for the next product. There is a few things we can't give away regarding the future of the branding and colours. These decisions are going to be constantly evolving, so for now, this information will be kept as a surprise and determinant on how things go with the first product.


Would you be interested in sponsoring teams, players or tournaments?

We are already sponsoring tournaments and are always interested if the timing is right and the opportunity fair. See the full list on our Sponsor page.