Hi everyone,

Firstly thank you for being here to read this and for showing your interest today in the Spyre Kamek. Unfortunately you have just missed the initial round of stock we have available for sale. To protect our existing customers with warranty replacements we need to have some products left in reserve. Due to this requirement, we are announcing that the Kamek is officially declared as sold out. We will now take some time to reflect and review before making any next decisions.



What about if I still want to buy one? 

Right now the only way to purchase one will be from re-sale of an existing customer who is unhappy with their purchase and looking to sell theirs. We can't advertise for any particular persons or sales but try the usual re-seller websites to see if any are up for grabs. If you are paying premium price OR expect the warranty please ensure the seller has the warranty card with the sale which came with all  purchased orders.


Why aren't you accepting pre-orders?

Unfortunately there is no definite time line that the Kamek will come back in stock again. We are investigating other products which we will take all our attention and future resources. The Kamek although a fantastic product did have some minor bugs in manufacturing that we desperately want to address.

We also don't wish to tie up anyone's money on the hopes that they might receive one - so with all this in mind - we have decided against accepting any type of pre-order on a product that we can't guarantee will become available again.


Will the Kamek ever come back in the future?

There's no guarantee. The best information we can give you is that if we are able to fix the manufacturing and shipping line for this product than we will be more likely to bring out a completely new color. Moving away from the Steel Gray (Kamek). If we do decide on this route, the new colored pad won't be named the Kamek but we will make sure to communicate it's similarities.

However, please don't hold your breathe here, there is still no guarantee of it happening. Instead we recommend checking the website back every so often to see if there are any new updates here.


Is there any early feedback on the new product?

Thus far the feedback from our internal testers has been very positive for our new product. The surface, stitching and rubber base will all be completely new. Such as with the Kamek the surface will not feel like anything else available on the current mouse pad market.

We can't wait to tell you all more and bring it to market but these things take time to get ready. The only recommendation we can give you is to check back every so often to see if there are any new updates on our website.


When can we expect to be able to order this new product?

Just to hammer this point home. There are still many things that need to come together and fall into place in order for us to start making our second product. It's very important that we reflect, review and address all the lessons learned from the Kamek. We never wish to take anyone's money until we are absolutely certain the product is on the way.


Final Note: Our website is our only form of communication for now so please check back every so often to see if there are any new updates here.

(Photo courtesy of Viscose)