Some of you will be seeing e-mails come round this week about a new gaming peripheral project I've been working on called Spyre.

This has been a passion project of mine for just over a year now. With the help of a few guys in the AFPS community the pieces have finally started to come together ready for an official launch sometime early next year.

Why start Spyre?

Spyre was created to bring both a unique flair and lasting promise on quality to the peripheral space. A problem I really wanted to tackle was, I can't tell you personally how many times I've had to re-purchase the same mouse or mouse pad after 3-12 months of standard daily usage. Sure, I loved the product so yes I re-bought it generating another sale. But that is at a benefit to the companies and not to me as the consumer and user of the product. It's just annoying to deal with end of life products and hope that the company still sells the product you want + that it's available for purchase. What if I also want to use that money to try something new ?


Kamek name origin

The first Spyre Mousepad will be known as the Kamek (in honor of the infamous site busta himself Cameron Hockley). Forged in a very sleek steel gray color with a black glide-able logo. The pad features a soft micro-woven cloth surface with stitched edging and a rubber non-slip base. 10 year replacement warranty we truly want this to be the last mouse pad you'll ever use. 


Signing off

There's around 30 guys in the AFPS community who do already own the pad. Some have even been using them in this most recent QC 2v2 TDM tournament. (Reminder: Don't forget to checkout the Australia Dire Wolves Quake Pro ZenAku was in the Iron Fist UK LAN duel comp).

This announcement today is an exclusive private launch to get some out the door before an official launch early next year. If you have been looking around for something new to try or for an early Christmas gift Spyre Kamek comes with high regard and higher LG accuracies.

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a Safe and Happy New Year! Get some frags