Update: The pronounciation of the Loque is now Loke to avoid any similarities to Loki

Hello everyone,

Thank you for being here and part of the Loque launch. All mouse pads are now on their way as per our timeline, expected for arrival through February and March. On that note, if you have not seen any recent updates (within 5 days) on your tracking please let our support team know here.


Packing Environment changes

We've also recently just updated our packing environment. This should aid speeding up any bottle necks during rushes of orders.


Warranty Card Update

The Loque codes have still not been e-mailed around just yet. Be sure you haven't lost the card, we did not post a card with the Loque. After our experience with the Kamek warranty cards. We would like to move this completely digital and eventually automate it to go out with postage/tracking information.


Twitter Discussions

Thank you to the many people sharing photos and having discussions about the surface over on twitter. Although right now we do not feel Twitter is appropriate for Spyre communications, it's still been amazing to see the insight everybody is sharing. Some really great photos being taken and although we cannot post them all here are some we can share.