Thanks for being here with us for the launch of our second product the Loque mouse pad. A completely new surface with a new larger square size and optional stitched edging. The surface itself is almost the exact opposite of the Kamek. In the sense of being both a firmer and grittier texture that still comes with good stopping power. You can read more about surface material - Cordura - here.

Naming our next mouse pad was broken into 3 simple messages. Family, honour and humility.


Some older gamers may recognise that the name Loque comes out of the creators of Fortnite, Epic Games. The name originates from their old FPS series Unreal Tournament. Arena shooters have been a large part of gaming's origin story and will always remain as fond memories in our hearts. It only made fitting sense to name the mouse pad after an AI bot which was programmed by the developers to hit 100% accuracy in-game.


The secondary meaning behind the name was to honour some of the Spyre founders close family members called Logan (nickname Loggie). Family is something very important to us and it's a reminder that we would not be the people we are today without the influence and impact of family in our life.


The third and final meaning behind the name is related to the sound of it, pronounced as "Low key". This is a powerful branding message which we wanted to continue to instil. Spreading the message of humility is important to achieve the vision of a wide spread utopian like peace on Earth. We strongly believe it's a fundamental virtue of any great society that those in leadership, great fame or success should always carry with them.


May we all do our part in developing the next generations!

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