Spyre FAQ

10 year replacement warranty, do you actually expect your product to last 10 years?

The product is high quality made though the warranty doesn't come from a confidence in the durability. The confidence is in the agreement to continue replacing the pad when you have worn through the pad. It's a promise of service rather than a stapling this cloth pad will last forever. We may also one day stop making this specific product. This way we can promise the owners of the pad they will still be able to continue obtaining them after it's discontinued sale.


As they are coming out from Australia, what are the expectations around shipping?

Right now shipping globally is definitely slower than usual. Some countries can hold packages 1-2 weeks in customs before moving them onto customers. If you set your expectations for around 4-6 weeks you shouldn't be disappointed. We are also investigating potential international resellers and fulfilment this will be communicated once setup and running. Here is an available list of expected International Shipping times.


Since the pad is not black, do marks show up more?

Yes, some marks may show up faster on any non-black mouse pads, however, this is largely dependant on the person. Sweat marks or finger print residue will still happen on any black mouse pad, just that it will show clearer on a lighter tone mouse pad. Typically when this occurs it does mean the texture of the pad where those marks are has changed. So it's generally a good time to wash the pad and bring the surface speed back anyway. Recommended washing instructions can be found here.


Is the only catch with the 10 year replacements that we have to pay shipping?

Yes and for right now we definitely understand the importance of setting up redistribution or fulfilment centres overseas to reduce shipping costs and times. Hopefully we will be able to set this up during 2023 which will then put us in a better place to target retail distribution. Hang with us on this we are focused on improving it!