All New Colorways

Each with their own unique surface

Red is for Fast

An all new speedy surface with a silky smooth feel

Return of a Favourite

The Kamek surface is back in a new release

Finding the Right Balance

Control and speed combined with a beautiful mint green colorway

Restocked at Last

The Loque stitched is now in stock with some small changes

Resale Options

A Signature Return

Our Kamek pad became an adored mouse pad among many gamers and dot-clicking enthusiasts alike.

Maintaining consistency with this product proved to be quite challenging, which resulted in a significant delay in its reintroduction.

We are finally thrilled to unveil Rosana—an upgraded version of the Kamek surface featuring a fresh shade of Taffy pink, a firmer soft-base and now with a white printed-on logo.

Soft and exceptionally durable, Rosana proudly joins our esteemed line-up.