Spyre Kamek

Soft Control Pad

  • Large Surface Size

    It's important for gamers to be capable of covering as much distance as possible. We've gone for a largely used competitive size of 480mm x 400mm with 4mm thickness for comfort over long sessions.

  • Rare Steel Gray Color

    Kamek was forged in a sleek steel gray color with a black glideable logo. This will be the only pad in this color (1,500 available units first order).

  • Stitched Edges

    A big focal point was creating a product that had long-lasting wear and tear. We all hate fraying edges especially when the pads surface is still perfectly intact. Solved with simple closed stitching.

  • Unique Control Surface

    Using a soft plushie cloth surface we've designed for pressure control and minimal static build up which normally delays the mouse from achieving quick stop start movements. Also known as micro adjustments.

  • Spill Proof

    Accidents happen when gaming, we understand. It was crucial that we used both water resistant and washable materials. Quick dry that will have you back gaming again in no time. We've also received confirmation the material copes very well with changing humidity.

  • 10 Year Replacement Warranty

    Good quality isn't just about the initial product. It's a long lasting promise to keep delivering a high standard over time. We truly want this to be the last mouse pad you'll ever use.

Kamek Mouse Pad
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