Aimer Pack Free Shipping

All Aimer packs will come from our storage facility in Australia. The free offer is for all customers globally which is where the trade off is for a slightly longer wait time for product arrival than what you would receive otherwise buying locally. This does not include covering any local country import fee's on received goods.


ETA on Pre-Orders for Mouse Pads

We will update all customers as we receive information about our production. Our loose timeline is that the pads should start arriving with customers through-out September. We will make sure to advertise once we have a more defined timeline.


Postage from Australia, what are the expectations around shipping?

Countries can hold packages 1-2 weeks in customs before moving them onto customers. If you set your expectations for around 4-6 weeks you shouldn't be disappointed. We are also investigating potential international resellers and fulfilment this will be communicated once setup and running. Here is an available list of expected International Shipping times.


Are there samples to try for Pro Players or Reviewers?

We receive a considerable number of inquiries regarding sponsorship or samples, and we genuinely appreciate the interest shown in our products. We understand that many individuals and organizations seek to learn more about our products, and we strive to carefully review each request. However, due to the high volume of inquiries we receive, it may take some time to process and respond to everyone.

To ensure that your request is properly reviewed and considered, we kindly request you to utilize the form provided on our website. Thank you for your understanding and patience. We value your interest in our brand and look forward to reviewing your request through the designated form.


Can Reseller Customers redeem reward codes?

Yes, we want to make sure all Spyre customers receive the same benefits no matter where they purchase from. Infrastructure to distribute codes for resellers is still being investigated and designed. For now please contact us directly and include your order information.